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Formatter Card Canon LBP 3018 FM3-5226 FM3-5737


Formatter Card LBP 3018 FM3-5226 FM3-5737

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Formatter Card LBP 3018 FM3-5226 FM3-5737. CANON PRINTER MAIN BOARD FM3-5737 Logic card main board canon 3018.| CANON LOGIC CARD FM3-5226 |



Some key features and function of the LBP 3018 Formatter Card or USB board for Canon 151dw are-

Data Processing: The formatter card FM3-5226 receives print commands from the connected computer or devices.

It processes the data before sending to other components, then converts digital data into printer’s readable format.

Memory Management: The formatter card contains onboard memory.

That stores temporary data and instructions necessary for printing which helps in handling print jobs smoothly.

Connectivity: The formatter card provides various ways to connect the printer with external devices, enabling easy connectivity to computers.

  • It helps in the transfer of data between the printer and the connected devices.
  • Firmware Control:
  • It contains firmware, which is a software program fixed in the card’s memory.
  • The firmware controls printer’s functions, manages settings to improve performance and its also similar with new technologies.
  • Error Handling:
  • In case of any errors in printer, formatter is responsible for detecting and reporting the issues.
  •  It also helps in troubleshooting problems and displays error messages.
  • Errors come on printer’s control panel and helps users in finding and solving problems.
  • Therefore offering an good solution for resolving hardware-related problems

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