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CCD Scanner CIS Lamp for Canon Image CLASS MF3010, MF4410, MF4750. Part Number: FK3-1153-000

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For Use With Canon image CLASS MF3010, MF3014, MF4410, MF4450, MF4570, MF4430, MF4550, MF4580, MF4583, MF4554, MF4553, MF4453, MF4452, MF4420, MF4412, MF4730, MF4750, MF4890, MF4870, MF4780, MF4830, MF4820, MF4770, MF4720, MF4710, MF4880

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CCD Scanner Canon Image CLASS MF3010 MF4410 MF4750 Printer CIS Lamp Canon Part Number: FK3-1153-000

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Weight 200 g

2 in stock

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