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HP Scanjet Pro 3500F1 Formatter Board Main Board


  • HP Scanjet Pro 3500F1 Formatter Board Main Board,Logic Card HP Scanjet 3500f1.
  • hp Scanjet pro 3500f1 Logic Card.
  • HP 3500f1 Scanner Card.
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HP Scanjet Pro 3500F1 Formatter Board Main Board,Logic Card HP Scanjet 3500f1

Some key features and function of the hp Scajet 3500f1 Formatter Card or USB board for 3500f1 are-

Data Processing: The formatter card  receives print commands from the connected computer or devices.

It processes the data before sending to other components, then converts digital data into printer’s readable format.

Memory Management: The formatter card contains onboard memory.

That stores temporary data and instructions necessary for printing which helps in handling print jobs smoothly.

Connectivity: The formatter card provides various ways to connect the printer with external devices, enabling easy connectivity to computers.

  • It helps in the transfer of data between the printer and the connected devices.
  • Firmware Control:
  • It contains firmware, which is a software program fixed in the card’s memory.
  • The firmware controls printer’s functions, manages settings to improve performance and its also similar with new technologies.
  • Error Handling:
  • In case of any errors in printer, formatter is responsible for detecting and reporting the issues.
  •  It also helps in troubleshooting problems and displays error messages.
  • Errors come on printer’s control panel and helps users in finding and solving problems.
  • Therefore offering an good solution for resolving hardware-related problems

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Weight 500 g
HP Scanjet

3500F1 Formatter Board, HP Scanjet Pro 3500 F1 Formatter Card


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