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HP Latex 315 335 Spindle Hub 2″with Adaptor E2X76-67005


E2X76-67005 HP Latex 315 335 Spindle Hub 2″with Adaptor. E2X76-67005 fully imported part 2 pc long tube type and one round disk for paper feed

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Description Latex 315 335 Spindle Hub 2″with Adaptor E2X76-67005

The HP Latex 315/335 Spindle Hub with Adaptor (part number E2X76-67005) is an essential accessory designed for use with the 315 and 335 printers. It serves as a spindle hub that securely holds and feeds media rolls into the printer for printing large-format graphics and designs.

The spindle hub has a diameter of 2 inches  use in Hp Printer, which is a common size for media rolls used in the printing industry. It ensures smooth and consistent media feeding during the printing process, minimizing the risk of media misalignment or jams. The hub is constructed with durable materials to withstand the rigors of continuous printing and handling.

The included adaptor allows the spindle hub to be easily attached and detached from the hp latex printer, providing convenience and flexibility when changing media rolls. It ensures a secure connection between the spindle hub and the printer, enabling precise media handling and accurate print output.

Overall, the HP  315/335 Spindle Hub with Adaptor (E2X76-67005) is a reliable and efficient accessory that enhances the media handling capabilities of the  315 and335 printers. It enables smooth media feeding, simplifies media roll changes, and contributes to the overall printing quality and productivity of the system.

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  • 2″spindle Hub for Hp Latex 315
  • 2 inch spindle Hub for Hp Latex 335
  • hp latex 335 spindle hub
  • hp latex 315 spindle hub

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