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Fuser Assembly Unit For HP CLJ 5550 RG5-7691


Fuser Assembly Unit For HP CLJ 5550 RG5-7691</p>

Fuser Assembly HP CLJ 5550 RG5-7691. Its a colour laserjet A3 printer part .

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  1. HP Fuser assembly for RG5-7691
  2. Cooling and Solidification: After the toner has been fused onto the paper, the paper continues through this part.
  3. where it encounters a cooling mechanism.
  4. This cooling process helps the toner solidify quickly, ensuring a sharp and durable print
  5. Once the paper exits , it has a permanent image or text created by the fused toner.
  6. This is a critical component in the final stage of the printing process.
  7. This ensure that the printed documents are of high quality and durability.

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Weight 3000 g
HP Laserjet Fuser Assembly

Fuser Assembly Unit For HP CLJ 5550 RG5-7691


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