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HP DesignJet Encoder Strip (42 inch) Model 500 800 C7770-60013


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HP Designjet Encoder Strip 42 inch to use in Model 500 800. Part Number C7770-60013 also calledPlotter 500 Encoder Strip.HP Designjet 500 Printer Parts.

The 42inch Encoder Strip part number C7770-60013, also known is an essential component in the precision operation of the DesignJet 500,510.800 42-inch printers. This strip acts as a navigation guide, ensuring accurate movement and positioning of the print head during the printing process.
Over time, environmental factors, such as dust, foundation, or ink splatter, can collect on the Encoder Strip.

This build-up can interfere with the sensor’s ability to read the lines accurately, leading to misalignments or bad print quality.

  • Therefore, regular maintenance and cleaning of the strip are recommended to ensure good performance.
    While replacing the Encoder Strip a genuine C7770-60013 part specifically designed for the compatible printer as per mentioned models .
  • Genuine replacement parts guarantee compatibility, accuracy, and reliable operation, ensuring that your printer functions at its best.
    If you experience issues such as skewed prints, misaligned images, or print quality not good, a worn or damaged 42inch Encoder Strip may be the root cause.
  • By replacing it with the appropriate part, you can restore the precise movement of the print head and achieve high-quality, professional prints.
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