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Line Sensor for HP Designjet T1500 T920 T2500 Remove Error 55:11 CR357-67020


  • Line Sensor for HP Designjet T1500
  • Line Sensor for HP Designjet T920
  • Line Sensor for HP Designjet T2500
  • Line Sensor for HP Designjet T3500
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CR357-67020 Mercury Line Sensor for HP Designjet T1500 T920 T2500 to solve Designjet Printer Error 55:11 |HP T2530 Line Sensor|

The Line Sensor, with part number CR357-67020, is a critical component within the HP Designjet T2530 printer. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring precise and accurate printing, particularly when dealing with large-format documents. This sensor is designed to detect and monitor various aspects of the printing process, such as paper alignment, printhead movement, and media advancement.

Equipped with advanced optical technology, the t2500 Line Sensor CR357-67020 scans the entire width of the printing area, capturing minute details and discrepancies. It relays real-time data to the printer’s control system, enabling the device to make rapid adjustments and corrections, resulting in exceptional print quality.

The Line Sensor’s high level of sensitivity and reliability contribute to consistent and flawless output, even when dealing with intricate graphics, intricate lines, and complex color gradients. Its integration into the Designjet T920 line sensor enhances efficiency by minimizing misalignments, reducing paper wastage, and preventing potential Designjet Printer Error 55:11.

Regular maintenance and calibration of the CR357-67020  Line Sensor are crucial to ensuring the longevity and performance of the HP Designjet  line sensor . This component underscores HP’s commitment to delivering innovative printing solutions for professionals who require top-tier accuracy and precision in their large-format print jobs

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