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Description Latex 310 315 Carriage Belt 54″ and TENSIONER 54 Inch B4H69-67013

The HP Latex 310/315 Carriage Belt with Metal Tension Assembly (part number B4H69-67013) is an essential component designed specifically for HP Latex 310 and 315 printers. This assembly is responsible for the precise movement and positioning of the printhead carriage, ensuring accurate printing results.

The carriage belt B4H69-67013 is a durable, flexible belt that wraps around pulleys and connects to the printhead carriage. It acts as a driving mechanism, moving the carriage back and forth along the print platen. The metal tension assembly, integrated with the belt, provides the necessary tension to maintain proper alignment and stability during carriage movement.

The quality of the carriage belt is crucial for consistent print performance. Over time, the belt can become worn, stretched, or damaged, resulting in issues such as misalignment, banding, or inconsistent print quality. Replacing the carriage belt with the B4H69-67013 HP Latex 310/315 Carriage Belt with Metal Tension Assembly is recommended to restore optimal printing functionality.

The metal tension assembly with belt B4H69-67013 ensures that the carriage belt maintains the correct tension throughout the printing process. This assembly is designed to withstand the rigors of continuous use and provide reliable carriage movement without slippage or excessive vibrations. It helps to prevent printhead misalignment, ensuring precise droplet placement and sharp image reproduction.

Installation of the HP Latex 310/315 Carriage Belt B4H69-67013 with Metal Tension Assembly should be carried out carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions. It is advisable to consult the printer’s user manual or seek assistance from an authorized service provider to ensure proper installation and alignment.

By replacing the carriage belt with the HP Latex Carriage Belt B4H69-67013 with Metal Tension Assembly, users can restore the printer’s performance and achieve consistent, high-quality prints. This assembly is specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of HP Latex 310 and 315 printers, ensuring reliable and accurate printing for a variety of applications.

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