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Carriage Motor (Scan-Axis) For Hp Designjet T120 T520 T730 T830 CQ890-67006

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Carriage Motor For Hp Designjet T120 T520 T730 t830 CQ890-67006

The Carriage Motor (Scan-Axis) is an essential component of the HP DesignJet T120, T520, T730, and T830 printers, specifically model number CQ890-67006. It plays a crucial role in the scanning mechanism of the printer.

The Carriage Motor is responsible for moving the print head assembly along the scan axis, allowing precise and accurate positioning of the print head during the printing process. It ensures smooth and consistent movement of the print head across the width of the paper, enabling to create high-quality prints.

For Designed to meet the demands of professional printing, the Carriage Motor in the HP DesignJet series is engineered for durability and reliability. It is built to withstand the rigors of continuous printing and can handle extended usage without compromising performance.

The Carriage Motor (Scan-Axis) is a crucial part of the overall printing mechanism, working in conjunction with other components to deliver exceptional print quality and printing. Its efficient operation ensures that the print head moves smoothly and accurately, resulting in sharp, detailed prints with vibrant colors.

It is important to note that the specific part number CQ890-67006 corresponds to the Carriage Motor designed for the HP DesignJet T120, T520, T730, and T830 printers. This part is compatible with these models and is specifically engineered to fit and function within the printer’s architecture.

In summary, the Carriage Motor (Scan-Axis) for the HP DesignJet T120, T520, T730, and T830 (CQ890-67006) is a critical component responsible for the precise movement of the print head along the scan axis. Its durability, reliability, and precise operation contribute to the high-quality prints produced by these printers.

  • F9A30-67063
  • CQ890-60092
  • Carriage Motor For T830
  • HP Designjet T830 Carriage Motor
  • Designjet T120 Carriage Motor
  • Designjet T520 Carriage Motor
  • Cq890-67006
  • HP Designjet t830 Carriage Motor

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